Research Proposal Guidelines Applicants for MPhil/PhD study with the Department of Media and Communications are required to submit a research proposal of no more than 2500 words summarising and justifying their proposed research, to be attached to their formal application.

The research proposal will provide selectors with an idea of topics of interest, and help in matching candidates to potential supervisors You could struggle to find the research that helps your argument, and you could Here is a list of general topics that a micro-economics paper question can be .

If your application is accepted, you may be permitted to re-negotiate your topic, subject to the Department’s ability to supervise the new topic. This research proposal should include the following: Why is the topic interesting and important? What is the central research question? Is there a theoretical and empirical 'gap' that your research will seek to fill? Is there a theoretical or empirical contradiction that your research will seek to resolve? How will your research take our understanding forward in your chosen (sub-)field? What core theories and concepts will you draw on? Summarise the relevant literature and the field(s) to be contributed to.

What are the main theories in the area? What are the critical empirical phenomena in the area? Specify the key references relevant to the proposed research. How do you position yourself vis- -vis the theories and concepts you propose to use? How will you address the empirical aspects of the research?Which methodology is appropriate and why? If the research question requires a combination of different methodologies, how will they be related? Do you foresee any practical difficulties in pursuing the research (e.

finding suitable participants or data sources)? If so, how might they be overcome? The final project proposal should feature the following sections: Title: You state clearly your research question at the beginning of your proposal.

Introduction to research questions: What question(s) will you attempt to answer? Literature Review: Summarise the relevant literature and the field(s) you intend to contribute to. Methodology: How will you address the empirical aspects of the research? Conclusion: What is the added value of the project? Bibliography: A list of texts used in preparing your proposal.

Prior to submitting a formal application, all applicants are advised to seek informal feedback on their research proposal from faculty.