Research proposals - Master thesisBelow are some suggestions for master thesis topics and some potential supervisors, which may be of interest whether you want to apply for a scholarship or not. This is by no means an exhaustive list, and you are welcome to present own ideas.

In some cases joint supervision between Department and external researchers may be a good arrangement Duction and demand analysis and macroeconomics; also, more narrowly, write a thesis proposal. What is required in an MA Essay/Thesis Proposal?.

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Estimation of the elasticity of taxable income on cross-sectional data. Using simulation model to discuss distributional effects of changes in parental fees in child care. Estimation of models for income distributions (Pareto, lognormal, etc). Thoresen (SSB/OFS) Supervisor: Elin Halvorsen (SSB/OFS) Supervisor: Odd Erik Nyg rd (SSB/OFS) Supervisor: Gaute Torsvik (UiO/OFS) Supervisor: Odd Erik Nyg rd (SSB/OFS) 8.

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What can be achieved by using linked micro and macro models in discussions of tax policy changes. Thoresen (OFS/SSB) Supervisor: Gaute Torsvik (UiO/OFS) Supervisor: Gaute Torsvik (UiO/OFS) Supervisor: Gaute Torsvik (UiO/OFS) 12.

Tax havens have excessively large exports of financial services.

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Data show that people in Mandal retire later than people in any other municipality.

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Based on estimated parameters from detailed dataset of households income and expenditure, we can derive direct and cross price elasticities of different commodity nests, including energy goods, in a more aggregate consumer preference structure. Tax deductibility of interest on debt in corporations (or in the tax system more generally).

Which expenses should be tax deductible? For instance should travel expenses be deductible? Public economics theory.