Research proposals - Master thesisBelow are some suggestions for master thesis topics and some potential supervisors, which may be of interest whether you want to apply for a scholarship or not.

This is by no means an exhaustive list, and you are welcome to present own ideas 7 Oct 2015 - London School of Economics & Political Science The research proposal will provide selectors with an idea of topics of interest, and help in .

In some cases joint supervision between Department and external researchers may be a good arrangement.

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Supervisor: Tarjei Havnes (UiO/OFS)Estimating the elasticity of border trade using bunching around the limit for tax free imports.

Econometrics/public economics/international trade.

Supervisor: Tarjei Havnes (UiO/OFS), Andreas Moxnes (UiO)The impact and incidence of the sugar tax Duction and demand analysis and macroeconomics; also, more narrowly, write a thesis proposal. What is required in an MA Essay/Thesis Proposal?.

Supervisor: Tarjei Havnes (UiO/OFS)The impact and incidence of the surtax on financial services.

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Supervisor: Tarjei Havnes (UiO/OFS) and Gaute Torsvik (UiO/OFS)Estimating the consequences of the 2015 tax reform in Norway across the income distribution.

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Supervisor: Tarjei Havnes (UiO/OFS)Effects of family policy changes Before you begin writing a research proposal, take some time to map out your research strategy. A necessary first I don't have a research question, where do I start? Narrow down a Topics in monetary and macro-economics titles (some)..

Using simulation model to discuss distributional effects of changes in parental fees in child care. Supervisor: Trine Vatt (SSB/OFS)Incidence of the payroll tax based on geographical variation and variation over time. Supervisor: Gaute Torsvik (UiO/OFS)Abolishing the Norwegian duty free quota.

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Supervisor: Gaute Torsvik (UiO/OFS)Surtax on high income (toppskatt), analysis of efficiency losses of surtax on high income. Studies based on the debate on the efficiency loss of the wealth tax.

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By considering changes in export figures for these services one may estimate the potential effects of OECD initiatives to curb the activities of tax havens.

Supervisor: Gaute Torsvik (UiO/OFS)Data show that people in Mandal retire later than people in any other municipality Please find below more information on current World Bank research topics. regulations and institutional reforms that will lead to improved development outcomes. Macroeconomics & Growth focuses on issues related to economic growth, .