The Joy of NumbersStudents learn basic concepts in quantitative reasoning (number systems, fractals, data manipulation, basic combinatorics, and graph theory) by studying fascinating relationships among integers and doing introductory steps in Python programming language or a language of the instructor’s choice.

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Credits: 4Department: Mathematics The Art and Math of OrigamiAn introduction to origami, a centuries-old art, practiced all over the world, that is constantly being expanded and is the focus of attention by mathematicians, computer scientists, and engineers.

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Students practice preparing diagrams and teaching models, with opportunity for invention. Credits: 4Department: Mathematics Communicating Quantitative InformationStudents learn basic concepts in quantitative reasoning (numbers, probabilities, basic statistics) and the creation, use, and evaluation of quantitative information (databases, searches, spreadsheets, interactive graphics).

This course prepares students for civic engagement by using current events (past and current news stories) as the focal point of study. Students are required to post to online discussion forums, complete short writing assignments, and make presentations on topics involving quantitative reasoning.

Credits: 4Department: Mathematics Mathematics for Contemporary LifeStudents learn basic concepts in quantitative reasoning (number systems, data manipulation, basic statistics), with emphasis on problem solving using computational methods. This course uses a textbook and focuses on applications related to consumer issues to develop computational and problem-solving skills.

Students learn to transform data into information and apply quantitative methods to evaluate information and solve real-world problems. Credits: 4Department: Mathematics PrecalculusPrepares students with limited backgrounds in high school mathematics for calculus. Topics include absolute values and inequalities, the properties of functions, graphs, logarithms, fractional exponents, and trigonometry.

Credits: 4 MAT 1205: Chronicles of MathematicsUsing selected points along the timeline of Mathematics students learn basic concepts in quantitative reasoning while seeing them in the time when they were developed.

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Students learn to provide reasonable estimates, apply math concepts to real life problems, and discuss the validity of the results. Credits: 4Department: Mathematics Programming GamesAn introduction to traditional and modern concepts in programming.

Traditional concepts covered include variables, expressions, data representation, logic, arrays, functions, and pseudo-random numbers. The modern concepts include graphical constructs and event-driven programming.

This course uses familiar games as projects, because implementing games requires an understanding of important programming concepts and attention to the human-computer interface. Credits: 4Department: Mathematics Introduction to Programming with MaxAn introduction to fundamental computer programming concepts, using a graphical programming language specifically designed to leverage technology for creative use in music, theatre, video, and dance.

Credits: 4Department: Mathematics Calculus IThe basic concepts of the differential and integral calculus. Focus is on the applicability of these topics to an array of problems. Credits: 4 MAT 1510: Calculus IIA continuation of MAT 1500.

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Applications include work, growth, and decay problems and volumes of solids of revolution There are many tasks and duties that should be obligatorily fulfilled by a student. Each college and university has its own educational program, and each .

Credits: 4 MAT 1520: Computer Science IAn introduction to problem solving, using computers.

Emphasis is on programming, including the study of syntax, semantics, logical structures, graphics, and object-oriented programming. General topics of algorithm development, formulating problems, finding methods for computer solutions, differences among computer languages, and trends in the industry are also discussed.

Experience is acquired through hands-on labs and several programming assignments. Credits: 4Department: Mathematics Computer Science IIA continuation of MAT 1520.

While programming is the main focus, other concepts central to the field are introduced, including data representation, algorithms, recursion, Boolean logic, and some data structures. Some of the social, legal, and ethical issues related to computers are also investigated. Students have hands-on experience with multiple programming languages, including Processing, Python, and Java.

Credits: 4 MAT 1600: Introductory StatisticsStatistics are used everywhere in the modern world If you are in college, you can buy a research paper for college, if you are in high school, you can buy a research paper for high school etc. Whichever academic .

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Credits: 4Department: Mathematics Discrete MathematicsCredits: 4 MAT 3146: Scripting for the WebBuilding on the programming introduction in the prerequisite course, students learn about scripting for websites, including HTML, JavaScript, CSS, and php. Topics include the use of cookies, localStorage, video/audio, geolocation, an application program interface such as the Google Maps API, responsive design, and accessibility.

Comparisons are made between scripting and compiled languages and client versus server computing. Credits: 4 MAT 3150: Calculus IIIA continuation of MAT 1500 and 1510.

Topics include polar coordinates, vectors in two and three dimensions, parametric equations, quadric surfaces, partial derivatives, multiple integrals, directional derivatives, gradients and their applications, and line integrals. Credits: 4 MAT 3160: Differential EquationsMany phenomena in scientific situations are characterized by differential equations.

Topics include the mathematical formulation of problems and solution techniques, linear equations and systems, series methods, and nonlinear first- and second-order equations. Credits: 4Linear AlgebraTopics include linear equations, row reduction, matrix algebra, determinants, vectors in three dimensions, abstract vector spaces, dimension, linear transformations, eigenvalues, diagonalization, and applications to other sciences. Credits: 4 MAT 3205: Origins of MathematicsUsing selected points along the timeline of Mathematics students learn to appreciate the beauty and cleverness of mathematical topics seeing them in the time when they were developed.

The topics include, but are not limited to, the features of geometry, number theory, algebra, calculus, and combinatorics.

The understanding and appreciation of the topics is enhanced through research projects/presentations MAT 1015: The Art and Math of Origami. An introduction MAT 1060: Mathematics for Contemporary Life MAT 3555: Operations Research and Data Science..

Credits: 4 MAT 3430: Number TheoryTopics in elementary number theory, including primes and other special categories of numbers, Fibonacci sequence, Pascal’s Triangle, prime decomposition, Pell equation, Phi function, modulus equations and cryptography. Programming is included to enhance understanding of the topics and to strengthen skills.

Credits: 4PREREQ: (MAT1500 Or MAT1510 Or MAT3150 ) And (MAT1420 Or NME1420 Or MAT1520 Or NME1520 Or NME1450 Or VIS1450 Or MAT1540 )Department: Mathematics MAT 3440: Creating User InterfacesIntroduces concepts and skills used in analyzing and designing interfaces for computer applications. As students study techniques and “rules of thumb,” they discover that the design and implementation of each interface is a unique challenge, which requires creativity and consideration of technical, aesthetic, and psychological factors.

Includes the use of XML, XSL, XHTML-MP, VoiceXML, and usability studies. Credits: 4 MAT 3530: Creating Databases for Web ApplicationsIntroduces concepts and tools used to build and operate applications that involve information stored in databases.

Students analyze and plan databases using entity-relationship modeling and build database applications using both commercial and open-source tools. Includes discussion of database reliability, integrity, and robustness, and the evolving interplay of proprietary vs.

Credits: 4 MAT 3550: Numerical AnalysisThe theory and implementation of numerical algorithms Purchase college research papers - Professionally written and custom College Purchase College Essays; Online technical writing Write my math paper!.

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Credits: 4Operations Research and Data ScienceTopics from the traditional fields of operations research, modeling, and decision-making and the new fields of data mining, data analytics, and “Big Data. ” Challenges include acquiring large amounts of data, interpreting data that may be unstructured, making decisions based on correlations found in data, setting up calculations, and communicating complex results.

The course involves applications of theory to real-world problems. Credits: 4 MAT 3650: Networking and SecurityCovers the key conceptual and practical aspects of networking and security, which are increasingly important in the era of the internet, Windows, and Unix.

TCP/IP communications protocols are explored at multiple levels of the protocol stack. Performance and reliability issues are also studied, using campus intranet and internet connections as well as protocol analyzer and network management tools.

Security topics include encryption, authentication, and the likely change from clear-text to Kereberos-type tools. Credits: 4 MAT 3660: Advanced SecurityBuilds on the concepts of MAT 3650. Building and maintaining networks, servers, and individual workstations to prevent malicious interference are growing concerns.

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Credits: 4RoboticsAn introduction to concepts and technologies for applications in the physical world in which (a) motors, actuators, and sensors are critical devices and (b) real-world variability has significance not present in the virtual world of data manipulation. Topics include industrial robotics, spying, and ethical issues.

During and outside of class, students build autonomous vehicles in teams. Robot sumo or interactive art installation are possibilities.

Credits: 4 MAT 3680: Informatics in Biology and MedicineAn overview of the field of biomedical informatics, combining perspectives from biology, medicine, and computer science. Topics include principles of acquisition and storage of biomedical data, principles of database management, the role of the web in the medical and biological sciences, bioinformatics resources on the web, elements of statistics and data mining issues, decision making and decision trees, and legal and ethical issues.

Credits: 4 MAT 3710: Data StructuresCovers standard data structures (e. , lists, stacks, heaps) and object-oriented algorithms important to software development.

Tradeoffs between time and space are examined, and examples and projects are taken from the domain of computer music (no musical expertise is required) or another specific problem domain.

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