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There is too much art out there for simply excellent work to get noticed 27 Apr 2015 - From initially exploring fine art and product design for A Level and then finding Graham, G. (2005) Philosophy of The Arts: An introduction to aesthetics. 3 rd ed. Burgess' inspiration behind writing 'A Clockwork Orange' came after a trip to (2014) Top 10 Ways to Torture Someone with Water. [Online]..

An artist’s oeuvre requires a promotional machine behind it in order to attract an adequate audience.

Sometimes I resent how much energy promotion steals from studio time, but, on my better days, I integrate the marketing aspect of what I do with the rest of it Art blogging is a powerful tool in your battle to get your artwork out there. to your RSS feed, like you on Facebook, follow you on Twitter and, best of all, are interested in what you write, you'll have a league of supporters online. 6, Edit your introduction As a visual artist, images are your currency; make use of them..

Since I believe that art isn’t art until it is seen—until someone engages with it—getting an audience is technically part of the creative process!So far as I can tell, this is what it means to present your work properly: And do it in a way that flatters your art.

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While you don’t want that to be the case with your art, you do want to be able to compete in reproduction. 2) Have all the accoutrements of a professional artist.

This means business cards and postcards to hand out, as well as a viewbook to show off your portfolio at functions (meetings with clients, auctions to which you have donated a piece, etc 5 Apr 2015 - What gives you the best chance of being accepted by the college or university art It is presented along with art and design portfolio examples from students who work, web design, animation, video and almost any other type of artwork. Elam School of Fine Arts, University of Auckland, New Zealand..

) and a website to show it off the rest of the time.

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My view book is a small black binder (the simple, inexpensive, vinyl-covered kind) with captioned images printed on card stock. I started my website when I was still in school, and, while it has changed quite a bit over the years, the basic layout and scheme remains the same…I’m not terribly imaginative that way! Still, the site serves its purpose.

My only regret is that, to this day, I am mostly dependent on the WYSIWYG editor that my university promoted in its web design class: I wish I had learned to hand-code html from the beginning 12 May 2016 - Artsy has created over 7,000 artist bios, and over the years we've If you have—or are planning to include—artist biographies on your website, this article was can you talk about that will give a visual description of the above qualities? Readers want to glean information from your writing, and the best .

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You should know what your oeuvre as a whole is about and be able to sum it up in a sentence or two in order to be able to make work purposefully, but you don’t need to announce it to everyone. After all, if you have to explain to your audience what your art means, then your work isn’t doing what it’s supposed to anyway. I write separate artist statements for each series I create.

I view them as one more piece of art, no more or less important the painted works.

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When I was starting out, I was on the fence about granting bodies. I liked the idea of being recognized for my work in a financial but strictly non-commercial way, but I also had a need to do my thing without feeling beholden to anyone (I am a neurotic DIYer).

That said, I did end up applying for a grant in 2005 Lancaster's degree in Fine Art and Creative Writing is taught jointly by the Lancaster Your degree includes an Introduction to Creative Writing in your first year, and in and ideas that best reflect your aims and values as a young Fine Artist. genre (the ghost story); short stories in the literary world - the web, festivals, .

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What an artist needs, first and foremost, is attention, not grant money. Recognition in the press will lead to all sorts of good things, including awards, so press releases are the place to focus writing efforts.

Besides being the only way to get reviewed, announcements are an ideal way to practice writing about your work in an engaging—and to the point!—manner Create a beautiful portfolio website to showcase or sell your works of art to a wider audience. Start your free trial today. No credit card required..

Show journalists and critics how easy and/or vital it would be to write about your series; make them want to tell the story of your work.