Its not just contemporary works on paper that have significant exhibition histories. Birnen-Destillation, an early work by Paul Klee, for example, has been exhibited extensively in Germany.

In 2001 it was included in the Hayward Gallery’s exhibition Paul Klee: The Nature of Creation.

Hailing from the same private collection as Trauerblumen, another Klee work on paper which sold at Christie’s in February 2018 for £512,750, it features the artist’s trademark inscription and hand-mounting process, which served to both catalogue his works and declare them complete 8 Jun 2018 - Encompassing a diverse range of media — from drawing and painting to collage and beyond — works on paper can offer a glimpse into the .

Are any artists particularly known for their works on paper? Many artists placed working on paper at the core of their practices. For Basquiat, an avid draughtsman since childhood, paper was a transportable outlet for his visual imagination.

Basquiat considered drawing a key means of expression in its own right and no less significant an art form than painting; his works on paper are notable for their remarkable range, incorporating oilstick, crayon, acrylic, pen, pencil and watercolour. Perhaps no one better mastered pastel than Edgar Degas, whose use of the medium on paper was fresh and incredibly modern.

Pastel opened his technique to a realm of new motifs, allowing him to capture even the most fugitive postures of his female models — something that was nearly impossible to achieve using traditional oil paint You can frame under glass to display your paintings on paper. I painted a series of watercolor that are all the same size so I can switch the framing if needed..

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In Degas’ mature period, when he defined himself predominantly as a pastellist, he became bolder in his use of different textures, often juxtaposing pastel with gouache, thinned oil or watercolour to increase the intensity and luminosity of his works. 5 Are works on paper difficult to care for? This is a question that has always been central to this market.

By its nature, paper is fragile, and up until fairly recently this was a factor that made some collectors nervous — particularly those who lived in countries with high humidity or prone to extreme changes in temperature, which could impact the material in drawings. Offered in Impressionist & Modern Works on Paper on 21 June 2018 at Christie’s in LondonToday, significant advances in conservation have removed many concerns collectors might have once had. Most framers now know to use archival material in their work.

For collectors, conserving a work can be as simple as making sure that their frame has the right type of glass in it.

If a work is not under protective glass, however, it’s a good idea to avoid direct exposure to very strong sunlight, or hanging works above hot radiators, for example 21 Jul 2010 - When choosing art supplies for kids, don't forget the paper! Paper for children can be anything from a sketchbook or a stack of colored .

Dessin de guerre is a testament to just how durable works on paper can be if correctly cared for. After being conscripted to the French army’s Engineering Corps in August 1914, L ger executed this work on paper at the front lines of the Battle of Verdun, and sent it as a gift to the Russian avant-garde power couple Mikhail Larionov and Natalia Goncharova.

Although many of the works L ger executed at the front are in vulnerable condition — due to their long histories and, of course, the rough conditions in which they were made — the bright white gouache in Dessin de guerre has stood the test of time.

Offered in Impressionist & Modern Works on Paper on 21 June 2018 at Christie’s in LondonIt’s not unusual to find a drawing without a signature 11 Jul 2016 - I've always loved using masking tape when I paint on paper. It makes a huge difference, and means I get to do more peeling. ;) {It's possible .

C zanne, for example, rarely signed his works on paper, as in the case of Paysage (environs de Melun?).

But the work’s excellent provenance and exhibition history, as well as the artist’s distinctive mark-making, point to its undoubted authenticity.

Written about as early as 1926 and held in the Estorick collection since the 1960s, it was included in the catalogue raisonn of Cezanne’s watercolours and will feature in a forthcoming online catalogue raisonn of his work in the medium 6 May 2013 - The best art paper for drawing and painting students: the ideal Erasing lines can disturb the surface on this paper, so it is less useful for .

As specialists, we can often identify the hand of the artist — and we will never put a work in one of our catalogues unless we have confirmed its authenticity with the recognised authority, which is always external to Christie’s.