2 Are works on paper less expensive? On average, works on paper do tend to cost less than paintings — although of course they cover a wide range of price points. Offered in First Open, 12-20 September 2018, OnlineIt’s a category that allows you to buy work by a leading name who might be unaffordable in another medium, such as Sol LeWitt, whose ‘floor structures’ and modular sculptures sell for hundreds of thousands of dollars.

3 Is it a category showcased by institutions? Major museum and gallery exhibitions have underlined the central importance of works on paper to many different artists. Works on paper were vital to Jean-Michel Basquiat, whose drawings and paintings represented a constant, direct outpouring of creativity.

Numerous solo exhibitions have been dedicated to these works, and they played a key role in the groundbreaking 2017-18 Barbican show, Untitled (#10) , 2004 18 Mar 2018 - Paper is particularly good for small to medium-sized paintings or studies and can also be used for larger paintings when a suitable .

Offered in First Open, 12-20 September 2018, OnlineUntitled (#10) (above).

Due in part to that show, Abts was awarded the Turner Prize the following year. Abts is currently the subject of a major solo exhibition at the Serpentine Gallery, London. Are any artists particularly known for their works on paper? Perhaps no one better mastered pastel than Edgar Degas, whose use of the medium on paper was fresh and incredibly modern.

Pastel opened his technique to a realm of new motifs, allowing him to capture even the most fugitive postures of his female models — something that was nearly impossible to achieve using traditional oil paint. Sold for £368,750 on 21 June 2018 at Christie’s in LondonNot only did the malleability of pastel enable Degas to religiously study the movements of dancers and bathers, as in Apr s le bain, trois femmes nues (above), it allowed him to experiment with colour to a degree he had not experienced before. In Degas’ mature period, when he defined himself predominantly as a pastellist, he became bolder in his use of different textures, often juxtaposing pastel with gouache, thinned oil or watercolour to increase the intensity and luminosity of his works.

5 Are works on paper difficult to care for? This is a question that has always been central to this market.

By its nature, paper is fragile, and up until fairly recently this was a factor that made some collectors nervous — particularly those who lived in countries with high humidity or prone to extreme changes in temperature, which could impact the material in drawings 21 Jul 2010 - When choosing art supplies for kids, don't forget the paper! Paper for children can be anything from a sketchbook or a stack of colored .

Offered in First Open, 12-20 September 2018, OnlineToday, significant advances in conservation have removed many concerns collectors might have once had.

Most framers now know to use archival material in their work.

One simple trick to upgrade your paintings on paper - tara leaver

If a work is not under protective glass, however, it’s a good idea to avoid direct exposure to very strong sunlight, or hanging works above hot radiators, for example 8 Jan 2018 - The most basic supplies (brush, acrylic paint and paper) can be used in a variety of ways. These are some accessible techniques for applying .

6 What do I do if I find a work with no signature? It’s not unusual to find a drawing without a signature.

C zanne, for example, rarely signed his works on paper. But provenance and exhibition history, as well as the artist’s distinctive mark-making, can point to works of undoubted authenticity.

As specialists, we can often identify the hand of the artist — and we will never put a work in one of our catalogues unless we have confirmed its authenticity with the recognised authority, which is always external to Christie’s.