Prerequisites: CSCI 217 or MATH 217, CSCI 221 or EECE 337. Study of computing architecture and how the structure of various hardware and software modules affects the ultimate performance of the total system.

Topics include qualitative and quantitative analysis of bandwidths, response times, error detection and recovery, interrupts, and system throughput; distributed systems and coprocessors; vector and parallel architectures The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences Interdisciplinary Studies Major (ISM) department or college boundaries, combining coursework from two, three, .

(002104)b) Complete at least one-half of the degree program in computer science coursework. c) Include at least one computer science faculty member on the graduate advisory committee.

d) Have the program approved by the chair (or designee) of the Department of Computer Science. EconomicsStudents using 9 units or more of economics coursework in the program may be required to: a) Complete the Graduate Record Examination with a combined score of at least 1000 on the verbal and quantitative portions; or b) Achieve a score of at least 600 on the Graduate Record Examination subject test in economics; or c) Complete the requirements for entrance into the MBA program at CSU, Chico.

In addition, students wishing to use the word “economics” in the degree title must have the specific approval of the Department of Economics Programme Revision Statement. Please explain very briefly why you have made the above changes and how your newly chosen courses relate to the overall .

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Engineeringa) Include a minimum of 12 units of engineering coursework in the program. b) Have the program approved by the engineering graduate coordinator and the chair of the appropriate engineering department.

c) Have a member of the engineering faculty serve on the graduate advisory committee. EnglishStudents planning to include 6 or more units of English coursework in an Interdisciplinary Studies degree program may be required to: a) Submit a formal research paper, documented according to the latest MLA standards, to the graduate coordinator in English.

This paper must come to the graduate coordinator via the instructor who assigned it, together with a written statement of the instructor's opinion of the paper's authenticity Master's in Interdisciplinary Studies (M IDST). A course of study for the M IDST degree includes: Coursework: Relevant courses are selected from those offered .

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b) Complete the verbal portion of the GRE General Test with a minimum score of 500. This requirement must be met prior to advancement to candidacy.

Health and Community ServicesStudents using the term "health" or "wellness" as part of an Interdisciplinary Studies degree title must have the program approved by the chair of the Department of Health and Community Services. HistoryStudents using 6 or more units of 600-level history coursework in their program, or wishing to use the term "history" in the title of the thesis or degree, must have approval of the graduate coordinator in the Department of History.

PsychologyStudents using 6 or more units of psychology coursework, or wishing to use the terms "psychology" or "counseling" in the title of the thesis or degree, must have approval of the Department of Psychology Unit is the major focus of the Individual Interdisciplinary Studies program and the unit Once the coursework has been completed, students must submit a thesis .

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Classified graduate standing and completion at the University of at least 9 units of the proposed program. Requirements for the MA Degree in Interdisciplinary\ Studies:Completion of all requirements as established by the graduate advisory committee and Graduate Studies, to include:1.

Completion of an approved program consisting of 30 units of 400/500/600-level courses:a) A comprehensive core of units in the chosen disciplines. b) At least 18 of the units required for the degree in stand-alone 600-level courses (those not cross-listed with 400/500-level courses).

c) Not more than 9 semester units combined of transfer and CSU, Chico Open University credit (correspondence courses and University of California Extension coursework are not acceptable).

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e) Not more than a total of 10 units of Independent Study (697), Comprehensive Examination (696), and Master's Study (699) combined; not more than 3 units of Comprehensive Examination (696) or 6 units of Master's Study (699) Interdisciplinary Studies is a great way to build your own concentration and tailor your The idea of an interdisciplinary program is to combine coursework..

Completion and final approval of a thesis, project, comprehensive examination, or other culminating activity as specified by the graduate advisory committee.

Satisfactory completion of a comprehensive final examination (written or oral) in the field of study 17 Aug 2015 - Interdisciplinary studies falls outside the boundaries of traditional academic departments. It combines coursework from two or more disciplines .

Approval by the graduate advisory committee and the Graduate Council on behalf of the faculty of the University. All requirements listed above are to be completed within seven years of the end of the semester of enrollment in the oldest course applied towards the degree.

Graduate Requirement in Writing Proficiency:Writing proficiency is a graduation requirement. Interdisciplinary Studies students will demonstrate their writing proficiency by designating a suitable course in their approved program.

Consult the graduate coordinator for further information 1 day ago - Who can help me write interdisciplinary studies coursework or course. This program on the hypothesis that me an ample stance and assorted .

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A maximum of 10 units combined of ABC/No Credit, AB/No Credit, and Credit/No Credit grades may be used on the approved program (including 697, 696, 699P, 699T and courses outside the major). While grading standards are determined by individual programs and instructors, it is also the policy of the University that unsatisfactory grades may be given when work fails to reflect achievement of the high standards, including high writing standards, expected of students pursuing graduate study.

0 grade point average in each of the following three categories: all course work taken at any accredited institution subsequent to admission to the master's program; all course work taken at CSU, Chico subsequent to admission to the program; and all courses on the approved master's degree program.

Graduate Advising Requirement:Once the program plan is developed and approved, advising is recommended but not mandatory each semester for Interdisciplinary Studies students Also known as the B.A.I.S. program, a degree in Interdisciplinary Studies is an excellent proposal for how you will meet those goals through your coursework..

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