Customers relish the convenience and ease of online shopping, but those on the other side of the screen know the process isn’t so effortless.

Ecommerce can present itself as a multidimensional demon, frightening marketers with shopper abandonment and confusing consumer behavior 14 Jan 2014 - Which ecommerce sites are setting a great example for others to follow? allows shoppers to get a feel for the products and their best uses..

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Our MarketingSherpa reporters know this because they have penned many of these marketing heroes’ tales of triumph. Let’s take a look back at the lessons we learned from these 10 ecommerce case studies.

Lesson: Don’t assume your company’s existing features or services are on the customers’ radar. The basis for a stellar marketing campaign doesn’t have to revolve around a new service, product or feature.

Your company could have a pre-existing item that could use some additional awareness. Take Edible Arrangements’ same-day delivery service.

Kaitlin Reiss, Vice President of Ecommerce, Edible Arrangements, told MarketingSherpa the service was the company’s “hidden gem. ”“A lot of people don’t realize that we have same-day delivery, even though it is not something new for us, so we realize that we will need to do even more to promote it,” Reiss said.

The hub of tasty fruit bouquets utilized simple promotion through a variety of channels to increase both email open rates and its same-day orders, too.

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Despite the fact that those features may not be new to the company, it could be new to consumers 12 Jul 2017 - See these inspirational examples of e-commerce sites that can help you Free Guide to Dropshipping – see this guide to get good insights into how to to purchase to them accomplish their goals (in this case study, create .

Lesson: Targeting customer abandonment is worth it.

Perusing products on the Internet when the phone rings, it’s time for dinner or the dog is barking for a walk.

No matter what it is that pulls us away from the computer, distractions are inevitable. As an ecommerce marketer, understanding and reeling your consumers back in is crucial for garnering conversions.

Many ecommerce companies have found success recovering customers through abandonment emails. The case study above examines how targeted category, cart and checkout abandonment with emails sent less than a week after the customer left the site.

The campaign lifted the company to net 65% more checkout conversions.

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Is it internal, or could it just be the busy lives of your consumers? Sometimes, all it takes is a little reminder 20 May 2017 - A Full List Of The Best Ecommerce Case Studies (63+ Examples!) To get your startup off the ground, you have to do things that don't scale. A few modest mentions on smaller sites like Huckberry later then grew into .

Lesson: Content can help you connect with consumers while building trust, too.

As an ecommerce marketer, you’re not face-to-face with your consumers — your computer screen is. Establishing trust and connecting with them is a feat of its own.

In these two case studies, ecommerce companies utilized content to increase traffic and awareness of their brands to stand out in a crowded Internet space. – yes, you read that right – built an email marketing strategy on eco-friendly content.

As a biodegradable bag for pups’ – er – business, the brand developed email content emphasizing environmental causes, charities and pet-related issues. “It makes it easy to bond with people … knowing that we write about things that are so important, and we care passionately about, makes writing email content pretty easy to do,” Paul Cannella, Owner, , told MarketingSherpa of the company’s content strategy.

Retailer Wine Enthusiast also put content into play to earn trust with consumers.

The company’s website features wine reviews, articles and videos to help build an audience 31 May 2018 - Learn from these 7 eCommerce case studies to see what problems they Company Folders is an established business but had a website that their CEO help get prospects through the process, but after surveying their best .

The content helped yield a 50% increase in monthly email opt-ins. “We put time into creating helpful content that helps people either make a buying decision or entertain them,” said Erika Strum, Director of Internet Marketing, Wine Enthusiast Companies.

“Even if they aren’t making that purchase in the moment, we feel that they will come back to us as a great source of information. ”Do you have something to offer your consumers other than a great product or service? Look to content to form valuable trust and relationships in your market.

Your website must align with the way people shop online. A website is never a finished product – it’s forever evolving.

Think about what would happen if you kept your website the same year after year 15 Apr 2015 - Today, I'm going to show you 5 Ecommerce case studies – 5 real and a business that curates the best men's accessory products, so Richard spends a visit the Ecommerce website and leave it without buying anything, the .

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Failure to take this into account with the structure of your website has the potential to lead to your company’s downfall. Take our case study on Company Folders, a company that provides businesses with custom folders.

Prior to its marketing efforts, the company’s website was out-of-date and had a quote form that wasn’t conducive to the ease-of-use online shoppers expected. By redesigning the website and online form, Company Folders experienced a 67.

The old online form: Company Folders CEO Vladimir Gendelman explained to MarketingSherpa how crucial it was for his company’s website to keep in the consumer in mind.

“In order to tackle this, and do all this, we had to think just like a customer would,” Gendelman said.

“A redesign is not just like making the website look pretty Ecommerce Website Design, Marketing. Industry: B2C. Aviya Mattress - Selling the best in sleep. As a start up brand within the last 2 years, Aviya has grown into .

It is about making it extremely easy for website function.

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Optimization doesn’t have to involve some huge website overhaul. Even the seemingly smallest of things can make a huge difference for your company and our case study on Modern Coin Mart certainly demonstrated that.

The self-described “Modern Coin Superstore” added a simple trustmark to its ecommerce site to ease customers’ anxieties about the purchasing process. A tiny graphic produced monumental results, boosting sales conversions to 14%.

What can you as an ecommerce marketer take from this? Don’t think you have to exhaust yourself to yield impressive results – even small changes can lead to big successes. Lesson: Social media fosters marketing by the consumer.

What’s on your mind? Facebook gives its users a platform to speak their minds, share their photos and promote your products. It may not be what Mark Zuckerberg initially had in mind, but Facebook can offer huge boosts to your company.

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Does the product or service you’re selling suit the Facebook realm? In other words, is it sharable? Could it be? This can lead to impressive results.

Look at our case study on Diamond Candles, a company that features rings beneath the wax of its candles 31 Dec 2016 - My thought was that buying a website or an existing eCommerce store would It was an eCommerce site, and seemed to have some good .

By utilizing customer-contributed photos on its Facebook page, Diamond Candles upped conversion rates and attracted more than 290,000 new Facebook fans. For minimal effort, your ecommerce site has the potential to produce maximum results.

Determine how your product can start a conversation in consumers’ social networks and then capitalize on it. Lesson: Segment your customers, then tailor email campaigns accordingly.

Tapping into the consumer mindset is one thing, but targeting it? Now that’s key. Appealing to consumer behavior through segmentation has served up successes for plenty of ecommerce companies.

The three case studies above highlight the successes companies have experienced through customization and segmentation.

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Sports brand company Li-Ning optimized its email campaigns by targeting items such as gender, age range and items clicked on.

Doggyloot customized emails for subscribers based on the size of their dogs Read these 25 useful and informative ecommerce case studies right now! important it is to show the customer what he's about to buy in the best possible way. First, Corey gained followers on these two sites by following brands with similar .

No matter what each of the ecommerce sites segmented on, all experienced increased clickthroughs and revenue.