7 eCommerce Case Studies You Need To Steal FromYou’ve heard it before - always be testing. But if you’re running an eCommerce business then the tasks of analyzing your site data and identifying leaks in the funnel usually get pushed to the bottom of your to-do list.

Let's face it, you’ve got 97 other things you SHOULD be doing today.

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eCommerce Case Study #1 Achieved 40% More Conversions by Following UpA common eCommerce problem is prospects exiting the page before completing their order 26 Nov 2013 - In these two case studies, ecommerce companies utilized content to increase traffic Lesson: Your website must align with the way people shop online. Ecommerce: Why a forced checkout registration is never a good idea..

So the team at wanted to see if they could “rekindle the flame” and land some sales from hot leads using target followups. These are visitors who created an account and put an item in their shopping cart, so we can see some real intent to purchase at some stage down the track.

The team were confident that sending targeted follow-up emails generally resulted in sales but weren’t sure of the best timeframe to send them. So they tested out email sends at two alternate time lapses post cart abandonment; the first group sent the following morning at 11 a. and the second group 48 hours post cart abandonment. 66%The emails sent after 48 hours delivered:an open rate of 38. 00%Although sending these emails on the following day post cart abandonment had a slightly higher open rate, the most important figure, conversion to sale was significantly lower.

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Though found that 48hrs later was the best performing time, a different cadence and time lag may work better with your customer base, so test out multiple alternatives 15 Apr 2015 - Today, I'm going to show you 5 Ecommerce case studies – 5 real and a business that curates the best men's accessory products, so Richard spends a visit the Ecommerce website and leave it without buying anything, the .

If you're looking for some assistance on the creative messaging front, we have included the exact email creative used by here:Take Home Message #2You don’t need a new product to promote something.

People might not know about a product or service you already have in play, so by increasing visibility to your existing audience, you may be able to snap up some quick wins. As a side note on this particular example, creating some urgency is always a good sales strategy.

Encourage your audience to act now, instead of later (or never). eCommerce Case Study #3 Company Folders Streamlined Their Quote Page To Increase Conversion By 68%Company Folders is an established business but had a website that their CEO admitted was “obviously last year”, which is putting it gently.

The main problem they wanted to remedy was their online quote function Ecommerce Website Design, Marketing. Industry: B2C. Aviya Mattress - Selling the best in sleep. As a start up brand within the last 2 years, Aviya has grown into .

This is a vital step in their marketing funnel, so making the process as smooth as possible was essential to ultimately driving more sales for the business.

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Further to this, there was a very high rate of prospects dropping out of the form partially completed. Intuitively they assumed that getting the form onto a single page would help get prospects through the process, but after surveying their best customers, they realized that a redesign was necessary.

They took a cumbersome single step process with lots of options and broke it up into a multi-step bite size process (pictured below). Take Home Message #3Breaking down a complicated system into manageable smaller steps can help keep people focused and increase conversion. Though additional clicks can often be seen as new opportunities to lose customers, the Company Folders experience tells us that streamlining to shorter stepped forms is the way to go right now.

eCommerce Case Study #4 Ditched Social Buttons To Boost Sales By 12% got caught up in the trend towards social proof, with "Like” and "Share“ icons on their product pages 31 May 2018 - Learn from these 7 eCommerce case studies to see what problems they Company Folders is an established business but had a website that their CEO help get prospects through the process, but after surveying their best .

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To test what was going on they created two variants of the same page with and without the social share icons. They assumed that by de-cluttering the page, it would keep customers focused on the task at hand - checking out.

The results? Take Home Message #4Just because everyone else is doing it doesn’t make it right. Always put yourself in the mindset of your customer, and keep them focused on the main task you want them to complete.

Declutter pages with unnecessary actions to focus on making the sale. eCommerce Case Study #5 Express Watches Debated Price vs Shocking Results!This is a classic problem for online stores; Do you boast the lowest price or the most authentic products?The team at Express Watches were debating whether to communicate a ‘lowest price guarantee’ versus a stamp of authenticity on their website. They tested variants with both, each telling a different story about the clientele: bargain hunters vs aficionados.

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A huge differential from the price based messaging, simply from a little seal of authenticity.

Take Home Message #5 You may think you know what your audience wants, but testing out some alternate value proposition could surprise you 31 Dec 2016 - My thought was that buying a website or an existing eCommerce store would It was an eCommerce site, and seemed to have some good .

eCommerce Case Study #6 Underwater Audio Removed Charts to Bump Sales By 41%Underwater Audio had a problem with visitors who were in the middle of their sales funnel, researching specific products but then dropping off at the comparison page. When they noticed this leak they decided to get to the bottom of it.

At first glance, they don’t look too different, but the devil is in the detail. The original one was a bit more cluttered with the table formatting breaking up the flow of information.

To test what the problem was, they redesigned the comparison page to make it simpler and more streamlined.

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The paragraphs continued below the fold and essentially repeated the table, with only a few unique additions hidden in the text 14 Jan 2014 - Which ecommerce sites are setting a great example for others to follow? allows shoppers to get a feel for the products and their best uses..

In short, it was not the most engaging page!” The new version did away with the data tables, streamlined the text, and put everything above the fold.

The result? Take Home Message #6To quote Occam's Razor, “the simplest solution is often the best” and the simpler flow worked wonders for Underwater Audio. Find pages in your pipeline where users are dropping off and see how you can simplify them to focus your customers.

eCommerce Case Study #7 Paperstone Took Out Their Competition With a Simple Comparison TablePaperstone is a small paper company that competes with large brand big box stores like Staples and Viking. With most people defaulting to the brands they know best, Paperstone needed to find a way to leverage their strengths against the competition; lower prices. Rather than paying top dollar to compete for advertising attention, they simply included a comparison table on their homepage showing their pricing against that of their competitors.

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Take Home Message #7Assess your competition and identify your strengths 12 Jul 2017 - See these inspirational examples of e-commerce sites that can help you Free Guide to Dropshipping – see this guide to get good insights into how to to purchase to them accomplish their goals (in this case study, create .

Then showcase these against your competitors’ weaknesses to make your business look like the obvious choice when compared.